Imran & Sarah S

I stay at home and am very meticulous with keeping the house. I notice any and everything that is out of place or not cleaned. With our 5th on the way we needed the extra cleaning help and decided to go with Jade Der after various interviews. They are very kind, responsive and easy to schedule with. They are extremely easy to work with and address my needs and wants right away. We have used Jade Der, Inc a few times and they have been very thorough and efficient. On our first cleaning we had some missed areas and broken items and the owner and housekeeping manager were at our house within a few hours to clean the missed areas, make notes for next time and offered to cover the costs of broken items. We have not had any issues since the first cleaning and have been extremely happy. When I come home after a cleaning, I go through the house thoroughly and it is cleaned to my high standards. As for price, they fall in the middle and we feel that they are worth it!

Ricardo B

Excellent service!

Matt H.

You know, it's hard to really describe how good this company was at cleaning my house. It's always different when you go with the smaller company instead of the "big name" ones. However, I was not disappointed at all. You know how the small pizza place on the corner or the little hole in the wall sub shop always has the best pizza and subs? This is exactly what I mean when describing Jade Der's cleaning company. They were punctual, very kind, accommodating, and didn't rush through my house. They spent the time to make sure every small detail was spotless. I have never been happier with a cleaning company than I was with this one. If you are looking for a company to clean your home, look no further.